Chrissy, a creator on the erotic website Fun With Feet, sells photos there as her primary income.

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So you’ve known about OnlyFans, yet did you had any idea there are different stages where makers can sell provocative substance? Meet Chrissy, a free model earning enough to pay the bills selling photographs of her feet on the site Fun With Feet. For the beyond two years, Chrissy has been taking photographs of her feet, posting them available to be purchased, and developing a devoted fan base of foot fetishists who enthusiastically look for her most recent transfers. While feet photographs probably won’t be everybody’s favorite, Chrissy has tracked down her specialty and is getting more cash than at her old retail work. For Chrissy, Fun With Feet isn’t simply a side gig, it’s her regular work and primary type of revenue. Peruse on to figure out how Chrissy started out selling feet pics and how she transformed it into a fruitful business.

Chrissy’s Excursion to Turning into a Foot Model

Chrissy never envisioned she’d wind up earning enough to pay the bills selling photographs of her feet on the web. In the same way as other young ladies battling to take care of educational loans, she was searching for ways of bringing in additional cash that fit around her normal everyday employment. A companion proposed foot displaying, saying she could charge individuals to see photographs of her feet. From the start, Chrissy thought it was unusual, yet she chose to check it out.

Chrissy set up a profile on Fun With Feet, a sexual site where designers can sell photographs and recordings. She began by posting a couple of easygoing shots of her uncovered feet and was shocked to make a couple of deals. Supported, she put resources into a camera to take more excellent photographs. She additionally purchased props like high heels, fishnet stockings, and toe rings to make the photographs seriously engaging.

Over the long haul, Chrissy developed a dependable fan base. A few clients simply needed to respect and praise her feet. Others mentioned explicit stances or needed her feet “in real life,” doing things like pounding items or giving foot rubs. She was glad to oblige their solicitations, and her deals and pay developed consistently.

In the span of a year, Chrissy was making enough from foot displaying to stop her normal everyday employment. She currently spends a few hours seven days taking and altering new photographs to post on her Fun With Feet profile. It’s not what she imagined doing, yet Chrissy partakes in the opportunity and adaptability. Furthermore, obviously, she’s glad to give her fans what they need – her wonderful uncovered feet, presently and always deified on the web.

Chrissy’s story shows that no one can really tell where life could lead you. With a receptive outlook and a readiness to attempt new things, you could coincidentally find a secret ability or strange open door, very much as she did. The moral is: don’t thump it until you’ve attempted it. You may very well wind up with the ideal way in.

The Kinds of Photographs Chrissy Sells on Fun With Feet

As a maker on Fun With Feet, Chrissy sells an assortment of photographs to suit her fans’ advantages.

Solo photographs of only her feet. These are basic yet appealing shots of Chrissy representing her feet for the camera. She might be shoeless or wearing stockings, fishnets or high heels. Chrissy says these solo photographs are consistently a success with her long-lasting fans and foot interest devotees.

Foot play photographs. These photographs show Chrissy involving her feet in a sexual manner, for example, giving a reproduced foot occupation to a grown-up toy or other phallic item. Chrissy gets many solicitations for custom photographs like these from fans who fantasize about her feet pleasuring them.

Stomping on photographs. For those into foot mastery, Chrissy offers photographs of her strolling over articles, food or willing members. She generally gets assent and works with experienced models for stomping on scenes. Chrissy says while stomping on is a famous specialty, she just takes part in light stomping on and maintains a strategic distance from any perilous exercises.

Foot love photographs. These photographs portray Chrissy’s feet being adored, kneaded or licked by someone else. Chrissy works with different foot models of various sexes for these cooperative shoots. Foot love photographs will generally be extremely well known, particularly with the people who fantasize about being at the feet of a ruling lady.

Chrissy plans to give an extensive variety of photographs to fulfill her fans while likewise remaining inside her own solace levels in regards to sensual substance. Her transparency in taking care of different interests and specialties has permitted her to fabricate a steadfast following on Fun With Feet.

The amount Cash Can Be Made Selling Feet Photographs?

The Expected Income

As a maker selling feet photographs on Fun With Feet, you can possibly bring in a respectable measure of cash. Many models charge between $5 to $15 per photograph, with the normal around $10. In the event that you post everyday and sell 50 photographs per month at $10 every, that is $500 in additional pay each month or $6,000 each year. The top models, particularly the people who connect intensely with their fans, can make fundamentally more. A few models report making $2,000 to $5,000 each month or more.

Building Your Crowd

To augment your income, you really want to develop your fan base. A few hints to acquire devotees and increment deals:

Present new photographs everyday on keep your profile dynamic and give fans new satisfied.

Run extraordinary advancements like contribution 10% off for new supporters or pack bargains on numerous photographs.

Draw in with your devotees by answering to their remarks, informing them straightforwardly, and requesting their contribution on the kinds of photographs they need to see.

Team up with different models to cross-elevate to one another’s crowds.

Consider offering extra administrations like custom photograph sets, recordings, worn things, from there, the sky is the limit. These additional items can create higher installments.

Different Variables to Consider

A couple of different things to remember:

The site takes a level of your income, normally around 20-30%, as their expense for facilitating your profile and handling installments.

You’ll have to value your photographs seriously founded on what different models with comparative fame and commitment are charging.

Building a steadfast fan base can take time. Try not to hope to begin making thousands immediately. With ordinary posting and commitment, your pay and following ought to increment consistently over the initial 6 a year.

Consider assuming you’re alright with the sort of photographs you’re posting and your namelessness. Once photographs are on the web, they’re out there.

While selling feet photographs may not make you rich, for the ideal individual it tends to be a simple method for producing additional cash from home. With time and exertion put into building your crowd, the possible income for top models can be very great.

Chrissy’s Tips for Those Inspired by the Foot Demonstrating Specialty

Assemble your portfolio

To begin as a foot model on Fun With Feet, you’ll have to develop your portfolio. Take photographs of your feet in various stances, settings, and footwear to grandstand your resources. Have chances of your exposed feet, in impact points, shoes, socks, stockings – and so on. Variety should as much as possible. Post no less than 10-15 photographs to begin and keep adding new happy consistently to keep your page new.

Set your rates

As another maker, you’ll need to value your photographs seriously. Check what other foot models on the site are charging for comparable substance. You can begin around $5 to $10 per photograph and change in view of interest and experience. Offer group arrangements and memberships to tempt your fans. Don’t hesitate for even a moment to run deals and advancements to help your perceivability.

Draw in with your fans

The way to progress on Fun With Feet is building a dedicated fan following. Draw in with your fans by answering to their remarks, sending them individual messages, and running challenges where they can win free photographs. Get to know their inclinations and wants. The more you connect, the more they’ll return to your page.

Team up with different makers

Teaming up with other foot models is an extraordinary method for acquiring new fans. Set up photograph shoots together and advance each other’s pages. You can do model for present photographs, themed shoots, or recordings. Cross-advancement on the site and virtual entertainment will expand perspectives and supporters for both of you.

Remain dynamic locally

A functioning presence on the site and in the foot model local area will prompt more open doors. Partake in the site’s discussions, join livestreams, advance your work via online entertainment utilizing famous hashtags, and associate with other foot models. The associations you make can prompt mentorships, joint efforts, and a consistent progression of new fans tracking down your page.

With time and consistency, you can fabricate a fruitful foot displaying business on Fun With Feet. Follow these tips to get everything rolling, set your rates, fabricate your fanbase, team up, and become a functioning piece of the local area. The key is giving incredible substance, collaborating with your fans, and advancing your work both on and off the site.


So that’s it, the tale of Chrissy and how she transformed her enthusiasm for feet into an everyday work. While it might appear to be an eccentric profession way, Chrissy figured out how to take advantage of a specialty market and fabricate a business around something she really appreciates doing. Her story simply demonstrates that in the present computerized world, no one can tell what could take off. Assuming you have an interest or ability that others appear to appreciate, make it a point to put yourself out there on stages like Fun With Feet and see where it leads. You could find yourself, as Chrissy, getting up every morning eager to begin your typical business day. The potential outcomes are inestimable in the event that you simply venture out to impart your gifts to the world.

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