How to Find Private School Scholarships

So you’ve decided to send your kid to a private school. Great choice—smaller classes, focused learning, and opportunities for your child to thrive. But those tuition bills, yikes! Before you panic, take a deep breath. There are scholarships and financial aid options out there, you just have to find them. The truth is, private schools want your kid there too, and many have big scholarships and aid packages to make it possible. You just have to do some digging. This article will show you the best ways to uncover generous scholarships for private elementary, middle, and high schools. You’ll learn strategies beyond just filling out the standard financial aid forms, how to tap into little-known private scholarships, and how to appeal to your school for more money. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a solid plan of attack to find scholarships and make private school a reality for your family. Let’s get started!

What Makes a Private School Attendee?

To get a private school scholarship, you need to prove you have what it takes to succeed in their program. What exactly are private schools looking for in potential students?

Strong academics

Private schools want students who will thrive in their advanced curriculum. Having a solid GPA, especially in critical subjects like math, science, and English, shows you can handle the workload. Scoring well on standardized tests also demonstrates your abilities. Some schools may require minimum scores for admission or certain scholarships.

How to Look for and Apply for Scholarships in K–12

Many private K-12 schools offer merit-based scholarships for academics, athletics, arts, or other talents. Some also provide need-based aid for families who can’t afford full tuition.

Search the School Website

Visit the website of each school you’re considering and look for the “admissions,” “financial aid,” or “scholarships” section. Schools will list the scholarships and grants they offer, eligibility criteria, and how to apply. Look for scholarships based on your child’s strengths, talents, affiliations, or financial need.

Check with Local Organizations

Contact organizations in your local community about private school scholarships they may offer. These include places of worship, charities, nonprofits, businesses, and cultural groups. See if they give scholarships based on qualities like community service, leadership, or diversity. Your child’s extracurricular activities may also offer aid for members.

Apply for National Scholarships

Research large national organizations that provide private K-12 scholarships. These include the Children’s Scholarship Fund, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Young Scholars Program, and the Malone Family Foundation. Eligibility and award amounts vary. Some consider financial need, while others focus on students with exceptional talents or from underrepresented groups.

Submit Strong Applications

Work with your child to submit compelling scholarship applications. Follow all instructions carefully and meet deadlines. Applications typically require information like your child’s grades, test scores, activities, talents, community service, letters of recommendation, and an essay. Present your child as a strong candidate who will thrive at the school. Be prepared for potential interviews as part of the process.

Applying for private school scholarships takes dedication, but the financial assistance can make a life-changing education accessible for your child. With research and strong applications highlighting your child’s abilities, you have a good chance of finding aid that makes their dreams of attending an excellent private school come true.

Think About Your Child’s Qualifications and Interests

When searching for private school scholarships, think about your child’s qualifications, talents, interests, and activities. Many scholarships target students with specific attributes, skills or accomplishments.

Academic Strengths

If your child excels in certain subjects like math, science, arts or languages, look for scholarships aimed at strong students in those areas. For example, an aptitude in foreign languages could open opportunities for scholarships promoting bilingualism or foreign exchange programs. Strong writing or public speaking skills could lead to scholarships for journalism, communication or debate.

Extracurricular Activities

Scholarship providers often support students active in certain clubs, sports, volunteer work or hobbies. For example, scholarships may exist for star athletes, student government leaders, community volunteers or participants in organizations like Girl Scouts, 4-H clubs or school bands and orchestras. If your child has a passion for activities outside the classroom, do some research on related private school scholarships.

Special Talents

Students with exceptional talents or skills, such as in music, art, theater or technology, may qualify for talent-based scholarships. For example, a gifted pianist could receive a music scholarship. A programming prodigy could win a scholarship for studies in computer science. An accomplished young artist may get an art scholarship for private school. Nurturing and highlighting your child’s special gifts or talents can open up more opportunities for generous scholarships.

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Personal Attributes

Some private schools and scholarship sponsors look for students with desirable personal qualities like strong character, leadership abilities or a spirit of community service. If your child demonstrates attributes like motivation, perseverance, courage, compassion or integrity, emphasize these in scholarship applications and essays. While good grades and test scores matter, many schools seek students who will positively contribute to the campus community.

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