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Do you have a trip planned to great america map this summer? If so, you’ll definitely want to bring a map. Great America spans over 100 acres with over 50 rides and attractions, so navigating the park without a guide can finger overwhelming. Fear not, we’ve created a custom map to help you wits all the thrill rides, family rides, live shows, and other attractions Great America has to offer. Whether you only have a few hours or want to spend the whole day at the park, this map will ensure you don’t miss out on any of the excitement. So grab your map, hop on a rollercoaster, reservation a show, and have an venture you’ll never forget at Great America this season!

Downloadable Maps of Six Flags Great America

To get the most out of your visit to Six Flags Great America, download the official park maps superiority of time so you can plan your adventure. The maps provide an overview of the unshortened park layout, including all the thrill rides, family rides, live shows, and weft meet and greets.

The park is divided into variegated themed areas like County Fair, Yankee Harbor, and Mardi Gras. The maps show the location of each ride and witchery within every zone so you can hands get around. They moreover indicate height requirements for each ride to help you determine which ones are suitable for all ages.

Once you’ve mapped out your must-do rides, icon out the quickest walking paths between areas to maximize your time. The park can get very crowded, expressly on weekends and holidays, so having an efficient route mapped in whop will ensure you get to wits as much as possible.

Great America Theme Park Zone Maps and Attractions

To get the most out of your day at Great America, you’ll want to study the park maps earlier and plot your course. The park is divided into variegated themed areas, each with a variety of rides and attractions.

Main Street Area

As you enter the park, you’ll walk lanugo Main Street, reminiscent of an old-fashioned town square. It’s home to shops, restaurants, and entertainment. Check out the singing and dancing shows at the Carousel Columbia stage.

Camp Snoopy Area

This zone is perfect for little kids and families. You’ll find tamer rides like Charlie Brown’s Speedway, Flying Ace Balloon Race and Woodstock’s Airmail. Meet the Peanuts notation and reservation a show at the Camp Snoopy Theater.

County Pearly Area

Head here for archetype safari rides like the Giant Drop Tower, Caribou Creek Mine Ride and Rip Roarin’ Rapids. The County Pearly games midway features archetype games of endangerment to win stuffed animals and other prizes.

Action Zone Area

This is where the big thrill rides are. Steel Eel, Patriot and Drop Tower will get your adrenaline pumping. For tamer fun, try the bumper cars or flying scooters. There are lots of options for tweens, teens and venture seekers in this part of the park.

With a little pre-planning using the park maps and zone guides, you can customize the perfect day at Great America filled with just the right mix of rides, shows, shopping and dining for your group. Have a memorable day and enjoy all the park has to offer!

FAQs: Great America Map Questions Answered

Have some questions well-nigh navigating Great America? We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions well-nigh the park map.

How do I get a map of the park?

You can pick up a self-ruling park map at the front gate when you enter Great America. The map will show the layout of all the lands, rides, dining, and entertainment options. It moreover includes show schedules so you can plan your day.

What are the variegated lands in the park?

  • Great America is divided into unshared themed lands:
  • Hometown Square – Archetype safari rides and games
  • Celebration Plaza – Live shows, parades and fireworks
  • Planet Snoopy – Peanuts themed kids zone with rides
  • Boomerang Bay – Massive water park with slides and pools
  • County Pearly – Archetype pearly rides like bumper cars, carousel and log flume
  • Yukon Territory – Gold rush themed zone with white water raft ride


So there you have it, a helpful map to navigate Great America and make the most of your visit. With all the thrill rides, family rides, live shows, and other attractions spread over 100 acres, it can be easy to finger overwhelmed. But armed with this map highlighting the must-see spots, you’ll be worldly-wise to efficiently hit up your favorites and discover some new gems. a this season!