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NJPW BOSJ 2023 Final Results: A New Jr. Heavyweight Champion Is Crowned!

You realized this would have been a wild night from the second you saw the section for the last of the 30th Best of Super Youngsters competition. Following a month of tiring rivalry, it boiled down to two of New Japan’s most brilliant rising stars to decide another IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion. David Finlay Jr., the blazing Irishman who has at last gotten out of his dad’s shadow, took on the specialized wizard and high-flying phenom Robbie Falcons from Australia.

The two men had a drawn out, difficult experience to make it here, beating gigantic difficulties and pulling off huge surprises. Be that as it may, there must be one champ njpw bosj 2023. One man would have his hand raised by the legend Jushin Thunder Liger and have the option to call himself the best junior heavyweight on the planet. The Edion Field in Osaka was loaded with more than 5,000 out of control fans, making a stunning thunder when the ringer rang. Lock in, this will be a wild ride! The fate of New Japan’s lesser division was going to change for eternity.

Hiromu Takahashi Wins BOSJ 30 in Exciting Finals Match

The finals of the 30th Best of the Super Youngsters competition finished in an exhilarating match between Hiromu Takahashi and Taiji Ishimori. Following quite a while of exhausting contest, these two considerable junior heavyweights were the lone survivors.

In a conflict of previous IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champions, Hiromu and Ishimori went hard and fast, releasing a torrent of mark moves and counters. Hiromu hit Ishimori with a nightfall flip bomb and his deadly Delayed Bomb, yet Ishimori wouldn’t remain down, answering with a knee strike and the Ridiculous Cross njpw bosj 2023.

With the group at Korakuen Lobby as eager and anxious as ever, Hiromu at long last taken care of Ishimori following 25 minutes of confusion, nailing the Delayed Bomb II to score the pinfall. The field emitted as Hiromu commended winning his third BOSJ competition and a future title shot.

Another Hero is Delegated

The next night at Sumo Corridor, Hiromu tested IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Ryusuke Taguchi. In a hard-battled match, Hiromu hit a Delayed Bomb on Taguchi to bring home the title for the fourth time in his vocation.

In the wake of missing north of a year because of a neck injury, Hiromu’s process back to the highest point of NJPW’s lesser heavyweight division has been rousing. At BOSJ 30, the “Ticking Delayed Bomb” demonstrated he’s as yet truly outstanding on the planet. Yet again with the title around his abdomen, it’s impossible to tell what energy Hiromu will bring to the lesser heavyweight positions. His future rule makes certain to be unstable!

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Full Outcomes and Examination of the BOSJ 30 Finals

The finals of NJPW’s Best of the Super Youngsters competition didn’t frustrate. Following a month of exhausting cooperative effort coordinates, the best high-flyers in the Jr. Heavyweight division fought for the renowned BOSJ prize and an opportunity at the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title.

Full outcomes

In the main semi-last, ruling Jr. Heavyweight champion Taiji Ishimori at long last got his success over rival Mythical serpent Lee in an amazing rematch of last year’s finals. The Bone Trooper hit an overwhelming torrential slide style Horrendous Cross to progress.

In semi-last two, the upstart Expert Austin proceeded with his Cinderella run, outliving veteran Ryusuke Taguchi. The sly Austin has been the breakout star of the current year’s competition.

The last match was a masterclass in physicality and narrating. Ishimori designated Austin’s knee early, hoping to ground the high-flyer. Yet, Austin showed inconceivable heart, getting through Ishimori’s invasion and hitting a stunning Ace Smasher all of a sudden to turn into the new IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion!

Austin’s triumph covers a remarkable Best of the Super Youngsters. The Kentucky Respectable man currently sits on the Jr. Heavyweight division, yet there will doubtlessly be no deficiency of challengers gunning to knock him off his high position. What’s to come looks brilliant for New Japan’s high-flyers.

What’s Next for New Jr. Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi?

Since Hiromu Takahashi has caught the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title, what’s next for the “Ticking Delayed Bomb”? As the new hero, Hiromu will probably guard his title against a few recognizable enemies as well as new challengers.

Shield Against Bandit

Hiromu and Yoshinobu Kanemaru have been severe opponents for a really long time. “The Bandit” will without a doubt need one more shot at Hiromu and the title he presently holds. Their matches are continuously exciting, fast undertakings loaded up with cheating and devious strategies from Kanemaru. A title rematch between these two would be a treat for fans.

Face Liger’s Protégés

Jushin “Thunder” Liger has coached numerous extraordinary junior heavyweights, including TAKA Michinoku, Jado, and Gedo. Any of Liger’s previous understudies would cherish the opportunity to overcome his most noteworthy opponent’s protégé. Coordinates with legends like Jado and Gedo would be an extraordinary way for Hiromu to honor the youngsters of the past.

Challenge Outside NJPW

Hiromu has contended all over the planet, remembering eminent stretches for Mexico’s CMLL advancement and the UK’s RevPro. Presently as IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, Hiromu could address New Japan on a worldwide scale by shielding his title against other organizations’ top junior stars. Invigorating cross-special coordinates with champions from CMLL, RevPro or even AEW could raise the eminence of the title and grandstand Hiromu’s abilities to new crowds.

What’s to come is completely open for the new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion. Hiromu Takahashi has so many conceivable dream matches and challengers in front of him. His rule makes certain to be loaded up with constant activity and elevated attacks that leave fans in amazement. The “Ticking Delayed Bomb” is prepared to detonate onto the scene as New Japan’s new Junior Expert!